Roundtable Coordinator for Crown of the Continent

Deadline: April 6, 2018 12:00 am
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Work to be performed by Coordinator through January 31, 2019: The Coordinator will coordinate the activities and requests of the Leadership Team and represent the Roundtable as an active player in relevant aspects of community, culture, and conservation in the Crown of the Continent. Specific work to be performed includes but is not limited to the following: 1. Plan and implement annual Crown of the Continent Conference. 2. Fundraise for all Crown Roundtable expenses including core operations, the annual conference, and travel and office expenses; continue to build Crown Roundtable funding opportunities. 3. Assemble and publish the Crown Roundtable newsletter online quarterly to the Crown Roundtable listserve. 4. Maintain communication between the Crown Roundtable Leadership Team by coordinating and facilitating a monthly conference call of Leadership Team members, and following through on action items. 5. Plan and facilitate an annual Leadership Team meeting in January. 6. As funding and time allows, represent the Crown Roundtable at appropriate meetings and gatherings. 7. Promote the role of the Crown Roundtable and add value to existing efforts in the Crown of the Continent where appropriate. 8. Maintain and update the Crown Roundtable’s website: 9. Document Crown Roundtable activities and share results with partners, interested parties, and funders through newsletter, website and other means. 10. Manage and balance the Crown Roundtable budget and oversee any sub-contracted work. 11. Develop an annual work plan for Crown Roundtable activities in consultation with the Leadership Team and mentors. 12. Think big: continue to envision what the role of the Roundtable is and could be in the landscape, and work with the Leadership Team to develop this.