Points of Intervention Tour Coordinator, PLAN

Job Type(s): Administrative, Communications, Programs / Services
Deadline: August 18, 2017 12:00 am
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The POI Tour Coordinator will manage and coordinate the details of PLAN’s Spring 2018 Points of Intervention Tour. The tour will visit 15-20 campuses across the US from mid-February to late April, 2018, to host repair and reuse fairs and coordinate speaking events, documentary screenings, and panel discussions.

The POI Tour Coordinator will be tasked with the following:

  • Work with PLAN’s Campus Coordination and Events Team to get introduced to the campuses that will be hosting the Spring tour.
  • Work with staff and students on tour stops to coordinate event details and logistics.
  • Manage tour logistics like purchasing and maintaining the tour van, purchasing and maintaining tabling resources and event materials for the tour, coordinating travel schedules and accommodations of tour staff and speakers, etc.
  • Manage on the road team, and communications with PLAN staff.
  • Manage event marketing details and logistics.
  • Facilitate in-person speaking events and trainings at campuses

Please send your resume and a cover letter via email to Alex Freid at alex@postlandfill.org with the subject line “POI Tour Coordinator – Your Name

In your cover letter, tell us about your organizing experience, your passion for social and environmental justice, and why you would be a good fit to help us run a national speaking tour!