MS Research Assistantship — Yellowstone River Fish Passage

Job Type(s): Programs / Services, Other
Salary: $1530
Deadline: December 31, 2018 12:00 am
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We seek an MS candidate with a strong interest in applied fisheries management to evaluate a nature-like fish bypass designed to provide fish passage at a low-head irrigation diversion dam on the Yellowstone River. Only a few evaluations of nature-like bypasses have been conducted—none in a system such as the Yellowstone. The research will entail collecting and PIT-tagging a variety of species and sizes of fish and monitoring their movements with stationary PIT-tag antennas and by recapture. The research will be conducted in close cooperation with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Montana Natural Resource Damage Program, and the Fish Passage and Ecohydraulics Research Group at MSU. Findings will influence design and development of planned channels elsewhere.