MNA AmeriCorps VISTA

Job Type(s): Education, Other
Deadline: July 23, 2018 12:00 am
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Complete a community assessment to develop a baseline of the numbers of educational institutions and nonprofits involved in service learning and the benefits/challenges they have experienced, particularly with involving low-income students; Develop a research based analysis, including the results of the environmental scan, that details the benefits and challenges, motivators, and outcomes of service learning for educators and nonprofits. Include a specific analysis of engaging low-income and Native American populations in service-learning; focus specifically on low-income Native American populations; Assist MNA in successfully implementing service learning placements; Report and publicize measurable outcomes of service learning; Evaluate participation of target area: low income Native Americans in service-learning, determine best practices of engagement; Assist MNA in promoting credentialing opportunities to first generation and nontraditional students.