Groundwater Hydrologist, DNRC

Job Type(s): Communications, Other
Salary: $60112 – $63960
Deadline: August 1, 2018 12:00 am
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The position provides senior level technical analyses on complex groundwater issues to the WRD, DNRC legal staff, Governor’s office, and Attorney General’s office in support of legal decisions and policy development related to the administration of the Montana Water Use Act.
The position:
• Serves as WRD’s staff expert on physical and legal water availability and the effects of groundwater development on existing users of groundwater and surface water, and ensures that applicants for beneficial water use permits follow standard practices, administrative rules, and address statutory criteria.
• Provides expert testimony during administrative hearings, through depositions, and affidavits to district court.
• Serves as WRD’s expert on development and use of numerical groundwater flow models in support of water rights administration, policy development, and water management studies.
• Is responsible for developing standard practices for applying conceptual, analytical, and numerical groundwater flow models to the evaluation of permits for new or changed water uses.
• Designs and coordinates groundwater resource studies to support the resolution, of water management issues identified by local water users, or local, state, and federal agencies.
• Represents the DNRC on technical committees established through statute or administrative order. These committees function to ensure interagency cooperation, and to oversee implementation of controlled groundwater areas, water reservations, and special projects.
• Provides technical support to watershed groups, conservation districts, water commissioners, the public, DNRC staff, and other government agencies engaged in the development, conservation, and utilization of the state’s waters.


Closing Date: Ongoing