Gallatin HRI Project Manager – Trout Unlimited

Gallatin HRI Project Manager – Trout Unlimited

Deadline: February 25, 2021 12:00 am
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TITLE:  Gallatin HRI Project Manager

DEPARTMENT:  Western Conservation

REPORTS TO:  Jeff Dunn, Upper Missouri & Yellowstone Restoration Program Manager

POSITION TYPE/HOURS:  Full-time/40 hours


Trout Unlimited is a national organization with 300,000 members and supporters organized into over 400 chapters and councils nationwide.  These dedicated grassroots volunteers are matched by a respected staff of organizers, lawyers, policy experts, and scientists who work out of more than 45 offices across the country.  Our mission is to conserve, protect, and restore North America’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds.


Trout Unlimited creates unique and diverse staff positions tailored to the needs and opportunities in different watersheds.  We are hiring a self-motivated and highly capable person to identify, plan, and implement water conservation, fish passage, and stream restoration projects to benefit aquatic resources; build resiliency into fisheries of the Gallatin Watershed; coordinate closely with our key partners; and tell the stories of project successes engaging the public in aquatic conservation work and river stewardship.

The Gallatin HRI Project Manager will work closely with TU’s Upper Missouri & Yellowstone Program Manager and Montana Water Director to develop and implement on-the-ground actions that lead to better water quality and quantity, better habitat, and healthier fisheries.  The Gallatin HRI Project Manager will coordinate our new Home Rivers Initiative, sponsored by Simms Fishing Products, with the TU team, local watershed partners, agencies, and the agricultural community to seek opportunities to reconnect coldwater tributaries to mainstem rivers and restore coldwater habitat on public and private lands.  Two-thirds of the work involves engaging local watershed partners, agencies, and the agricultural community to identify opportunities to reconnect coldwater tributaries to mainstem rivers, and restore coldwater habitat on public and private lands, while one-third of the work involves building a culture of watershed restoration and river stewardship in the Gallatin Watershed.  Key Gallatin partners include the Madison-Gallatin Chapter of volunteers, SIMMS staff, the Gallatin Watershed Council, the Gallatin River Task Force, and the Four Corners Community Foundation.  The Gallatin HRI Project Manager will also be tasked to lead, in collaboration with the team at SIMMS, the community outreach that is critical to ongoing conservation success: storytelling through various forms of traditional and online media. Finally, the successful applicant will be expected to assist the TU team to seek out, apply for, and obtain funding to support project work and core operational costs.

Experience with stream restoration is a key qualification.  Excellent interpersonal communication skills—verbal, written, and social media—are a must.


The position is based in Bozeman, Montana.


$50,000/year with generous benefits package.



• Work closely with TU’s Upper Missouri & Yellowstone Program Manager and Montana Water Director to support the development and implementation on-the-ground actions that lead to improved water quality, quantity, habitat, and fisheries;

• Work collaboratively with project partners in the Gallatin Watershed, including Madison-Gallatin Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Gallatin River Task Force, Gallatin Watershed Council, and Four Corners Community Foundation, to develop and implement a shared vision for Gallatin Watershed restoration;

• Coordinate with Simms Fishing Products to promote community stewardship of the Gallatin River by providing volunteer opportunities to engage in conservation, restoration, and protection of our local waters;

• Develop and manage project-related content, in collaboration with Simms Fishing Products, on social media platforms, including technical and popular articles to highlight our partnerships’ ongoing efforts to successfully restore the streams, fisheries, riparian areas, wetlands, and floodplains of the Gallatin Watershed;

• Provide technical support and data management for project development, visualization, and communication;

• Support project development through grant preparation, including written problem descriptions, goals and objectives, project methods, permitting requirements, budgeting, and obtaining letters of support;

• Identify and pursue new sources of funding, both public and private, to support project development and implementation, and ongoing organizational capacity needs;

• Perform field evaluations in support of water quality and water quantity restoration, including streamflow measurements and stream habitat assessments;

• Complete administrative tasks in a timely manner;

• Complete other tasks as required.


• A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in an aquatic natural resources field (e.g. aquatic biology, hydrology, engineering, environmental studies or related field) plus at least 3 years of relevant professional experience;

• Experience and demonstrated knowledge of principles of public outreach and communications through variety of traditional and social media;

• Experience with agricultural practices and irrigation infrastructure projects, including actions that reduce the impacts on stream geomorphology, fish passage/entrainment, and water loss/conservation;

• Experience with transportation system impacts on Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) and installation of culvert replacement projects;

• Experience applying spatial, mapping and design software (e.g. ArcGIS and AutoCAD) to perform watershed scale assessments and develop project level designs a plus;

• Experience working with project partners, landowners, resource managers, and other interested parties in a collaborative setting and inclusive manner, even on contentious issues;

• Ability to physically conduct stream assessments in remote locations and on uneven terrain, to wade streams, and lift 40 lbs.;

• Experience organizing, motivating and engaging with volunteers;

• Experience with grant writing and management and a comprehensive understanding of funding sources, including state, federal, and foundations;

• Self-motivated and highly energetic, with excellent time-management skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced team setting, including the office environment, remotely as needed, and in the field;

• Excellent written and oral communication skills with an ability to problem solve and think creatively to achieve a conservation mission;

• Willingness to travel throughout the Gallatin Watershed by automobile, with occasional automobile travel across Montana, and potential interstate air travel to conferences;

• Passion for conserving native and wild trout and the places they live in Montana;

• Agricultural background and love of trout fishing is a plus.


Please answer the following questions using Microsoft Word.  Answer each question in 500 words or less:

1) What do you think is the biggest threat to water quality/quantity in the Gallatin River watershed?

2) What is the greatest opportunity to protect water quality/quantity in the Gallatin?

3) What communication techniques would you apply to recruit and engage our community in watershed restoration and river stewardship?