District Administrator, McCone Conservation District

Job Type(s): Administrative
Deadline: April 30, 2017 6:00 am
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OVERALL ASPECT OF THE POSITION: This position is intended to provide clerical support to the MCD Board of Supervisors and administration of the Conservation District in implementation of the District’s annual work plan.
Nature of Work: The administrator performs necessary administrative duties requiring attention to accuracy, timeliness, and adherence to regulations. The administrator serves as liaison between the District and the community, other agencies, and maintains confidentiality of sensitive information. The administrator attends monthly Board meetings, recording and transcribing the minutes, and attends other pertinent meetings as necessary or required, and at the Board’s discretion. Personal Contacts: The administrator will foster and maintain good working relations with Board members and our conservation partners such as federal, state, and local agencies and landowners in the county.
Supervision Received: The administrator works with little or no supervision; however, the Board of Supervisors provide general supervision.
Essential Functions: The administrator must have the ability to communicate effectively both in writing and orally, must dispatch all daily operations in a timely and professional manner, be able to write and manage federal, state, and local grants for a variety of projects, and administer all existing education and information programs on a county-wide basis, and develop and implement new programs. The administrator shall perform fiscal functions for the District, including all in-house bookkeeping and payroll, budgeting, and financial reporting. The administrator may represent the District at a variety of local and state meetings and conferences, and organize and execute workshops, public meetings, and other events. The administrator is responsible for the writing, layout, editing and publishing of the monthly newsletter. Applicant must have valid Montana driver’s license and a clear driving record.