Conservation Director- Yaak Valley Forest Council

Job Type(s): Communications, Executive, Programs / Services
Deadline: December 31, 2018 12:00 am
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YVFC’s Conservation Director is responsible for the thorough and competent implementation and
maintenance of Program activities that include:
Wilderness Advocacy – Promote and implement YVFC Wilderness Goals and Objectives
for the area. Build on existing coalitions and relationships to advocate for wilderness
designation in the Yaak Valley ecosystem. This position requires effective communication
with local, state and federal government levels. Build additional strong relationships with
other stakeholder groups, similar non-governmental organizations, community and business
organizations. This position will engage in advocacy, campaign strategy, media outreach and
specific elements of fundraising.
Community Collaboration – actively build community relationships and participate in a
leadership role with the Kootenai Forest Stakeholders Coalition, identifying and prioritizing
landscape–scale restoration projects and wilderness protection. Provide prescriptive
recommendations for a combination of commercial and noncommercial vegetative
management techniques that incorporate ecological restoration goals and objectives to
promote ecological health, community protection, habitat restoration, water quality
restoration, erosion control, forest resiliency, endangered species protection and adaptation
to climate change. Work with Executive Director and Headwaters Field Crew Leader
identifying areas for restoration projects that address water quality issues and wildlife habitat
restoration. Understanding of national land management policies, as well as Stewardship
contracting authority and implementation of contracts. Assist in community organization
of local restoration workforce
Project Management – Due to the ever-changing issues that confront the Yaak Valley, new
projects, concerns and issues arise in a dynamic fashion. This position must be able to
identify threats to the ecosystem and develop a plan of action with Executive Director, staff
and board of directors to ensure success.
Current On-going Projects:
Watershed Restoration Coordination – Work with Executive Director and
oversee the Headwaters field crew leader, who organizes and implements yearly
field work including on-the-ground restoration work, trail maintenance, survey
crews and other restoration activities. Attend and facilitate planning meetings with
field crew leader, project partners, other conservation groups, state and federal
agencies and outside consultants.
Transboundary Strategy – Work with Executive Director and YVFC board to
create a transboundary and terrestrial restoration strategy for the entire Yaak