Bureau Chief, FWP

Deadline: February 28, 2017 7:00 am
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The Bureau Chief will oversee all aspects of aquatic organism transport with close coordination with regional fisheries staff. This includes unauthorized introductions, exotic wildlife classification review committee participation, commercial pond permitting, private pond permit oversight, wild fish transfer oversight, and temporary stocking permits. This organizational structure encompasses all aspects of aquatic invasives including: prevention, early detection, rapid response, control, outreach and vector management for all aquatic taxa. The Bureau Chief will be responsible for ensuring that Bureau staff and Regional staff have proper training and equipment for the use of piscicides to respond to invasive fishes, as well as for other pesticides. This includes participating and organizing the annual piscicide continuing education classes according to specifications set by the Department of Agriculture and ensuring compliance with the Pesticide General Discharge Permit requirements as stipulated by DEQ.