AIS Watercraft Inspectors- FWP

Job Type(s): Programs / Services
Deadline: March 1, 2019 12:00 am
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Must have excellent customer service skills and enjoy working with the public. Must be responsible, dependable, work as part of a team, and follow protocols and direction given by supervisor. Responsible for communicating outreach to the public and educating on the importance of AIS and inspection stations to protect Montana waters.

Applicants should be able to communicate effectively, work independently and self-motivate but also collaboratively as a team member. Must conduct themselves professionally with the public, co-workers, and supervisor in high emotion situations. Must be able to follow protocol and procedures for various conditions and all watercraft types.

Position requires working for long periods in various extreme weather conditions. Responsible for conducting efficient interviews, inspections and decontaminations (including use of a data tablet). Expected to troubleshoot and problem solve issues with mechanics, and basic station operations. Expected to maintain a professional demeanor and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additional requirements include arriving for shifts on time and present for all scheduled shifts, submit time for payroll, and responsible for the organization of stations. Use common sense regarding safety, operating machinery, driving state vehicles, and conducting daily operations.

AIS inspection stations have a No Pet policy. Animals are not permitted on site.

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