AIS Early Detection & Monitoring Technician (Region 2&3)- MT FWP

Job Type(s): Education, Programs / Services
Salary: $13.28
Deadline: March 19, 2019 12:00 am
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The early detection and monitoring technicians will perform early detection surveys for aquatic invasive plants and macroinvertebrates. In addition, the crews monitor existing locations of known populations to assess current status. Crews will identify all aquatic plants and macroinvertebrates to species when possible and feasible.

Working with the supervisor, the technicians follow field work schedules with AIS Monitoring Coordinators and other co-workers to collect a variety of scientific data associated with prioritized AIS projects using established protocols and guidelines; The crew will follow and revise (as necessary) field schedules and perform aquatic invasive species sampling.

Crews will need to evaluate each sampling location and situation to determine the best approach for data collection and sampling. Sampling methods may include kick nets, plankton net samples, plant rakes, rock picking, snorkeling, and substrate sampling. The applicant will complete basic management of samples collected; enters, records, summarizes, and manages ecological/biological data. Conducts the maintenance, purchase, repair, assembly, and testing of a variety of field equipment such as boats and motors, vehicles, and nets. Cleans and decontaminates boats and equipment to prevent the spread of AIS into other waterbodies.

The crew will do most work at high use areas such as boat ramps but may operates equipment such as motorized boats, rafts and other non-motorized watercraft to perform sampling. Four-wheel drive vehicles and trailers will also be used during the sampling season. Individuals may serve as a lead worker for day-to-day operations; May represent FWP in public education and outreach.