Individual Partner

MWCC invites individual support for statewide support of local and community based conservation. If you do not work for an organization that already has a Partnership, you may benefit from an Individual Partnership with MWCC. 

If you have made a donation of $30 or more to MWCC, you are eligible for our Partnership Program. If you give to MWCC through the Montana State Employee Charitable Giving Campaign (SECGC), you are also eligible for our Partnership Program. Please contact Rosie Costain with questions.

An Individual Partnership includes:


  • Discounts on MWCC event and training registrations.
  • 25% – 60% off outdoor equipment and apparel through
  • Eligibility for MWCC professional development scholarships. 

Information Sharing

  • Share your services and vision with the Montana Watershed audience.
  • Advertise jobs and events in the Watershed Newsletter and on our website.
  • Access our directories and expert capacity.

Watershed Family

  • Recognition on MWCC website.
  • Access to MWCC Partnership Program Services and our community of watershed professionals.
  • Receive regular updates on MWCC activities and developments within the MWCC watershed directory.

Note: Partnerships only last for the calendar year in which registration occurred. (For example, if you register June 1, 2018, the partnership only lasts until December 31, 2018.)

Individual Partner Registration