Western Native Trout Initiative Small Grants Program

Funder Name or Agency: Western Native Trout Initiative
Location: 134 Union Boulevard, Suite 665 Lakewood, CO 80228
Funding Sources: Private Foundation
Elligible Entities: Federal Agency, State Agency, Non-Profit Organization, Partnership, Land Trust
Funding Amount: $5000
Deadline: June 18, 2019
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Projects considered for funding under the Small Grants Program include those with a strong element of or primary focus on community outreach, education and/or volunteer engagement; or design/planning/monitoring work. Outreach is our top priority for this program and outreach projects will be ranked the highest, all other things being equal. WNTI’s Small Grants Program funding is not intended to pay for a small portion of a large habitat restoration or construction project. Habitat restoration-related activities that are requesting support from this program should primarily involve outreach, education, or volunteer engagement, a community outreach event or work day, or project design/planning/monitoring tasks.

Small grant funds this year are a combination of privately donated funds and federal funds.  Approximately $21,000 in funding is available for projects in the 12 western states that are WNTI’s focus. Individual projects can be funded at a maximum of $5,000.