WaterSMART Cooperative Watershed Management Program Phase II

Funder Name or Agency: Bureau of Reclamation
Funding Sources: Federal Agency
Elligible Entities: Non-Profit Organization
Funding Amount: $300000
Deadline: January 30, 2019
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Only established watershed groups as defined in Section 6001(5) of the Cooperative Watershed Management Act are eligible to apply. In short, they must be a grassroots, non-regulatory entity that addresses water availability and quantity issues within the watershed, represents a diverse group of stakeholders and is capable of promoting water supply reliability in the watershed.  They must also have approved articles of incorporation, bylaws, a mission statement, hold regular meetings and have developed a restoration plan (there is no definition of what must be included in a restoration plan, but if they have a plan that is well rounded or holistic they will score higher under our criteria, as opposed to a plan focused on a single issue).

We have only issued a CWMP Phase II FOA once previously, in 2017. We selected 7 projects and the proposals for those projects are available on our website at: Phase II Example Proposals  . It is important to point out that we always make updates to our FOAs, so applicants need to closely follow the FOA, not just look at a prior proposal. However, the selected proposals can provide some good examples for someone drafting a proposal.  One important change from 2017 is that applicants may now request up to $300,000 in Federal funding per project (previously limited to $100,000).