Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program, DNRC

Funder Name or Agency: Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Funding Sources: State Agency
Elligible Entities: Tribal Governments, Local Government and Utility Districts
Funding Amount: $125000
Deadline: May 15, 2018
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The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is now accepting applications for the Renewable Resource Grant and Loan (RRGL) Program.

The Montana Legislature established the Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program (RRGL) to enhance and develop Montana’s renewable resources. Project types eligible for funding are specified in 85-1-602, Montana Code Annotated (MCA).

[1]      Either grants or loans may be provided to fund the following types of projects:

(a)   feasibility, design, research, and resource assessment studies;

(b)   preparation of construction, rehabilitation, or production plans; and

(c)  construction, rehabilitation, production, education, or other implementation efforts.


Eligible applicants include any division of state government, tribal government, or other county, city, or local political subdivision. These governmental entities have included cities, towns, counties, county conservation districts, water and sewer districts, school districts, irrigation districts, joint boards of control, state agencies, and universities.


The Montana Legislature appropriates funds directly to each project, based on amounts recommended by DNRC. DNRC limits grant funding recommendations to a maximum of $125,000 for any one renewable resource project.


DNRC does not have a standard limit on the recommended loan amount. The limit is based on the applicant’s ability to repay the loan. Local governments enter into debt by issuing bonds. Drinking water and wastewater projects are encouraged to apply to the State’s Revolving Fund (SRF) loan programs. These SRF loan programs are specifically designed to provide below-market interest rates for these types of systems. However, some renewable resource projects are not eligible for funding under the SRF programs. An example would be rehabilitation of an irrigation diversion dam. For these projects, the Renewable Resource Loan Program provides an excellent source of loan funds. If the applicant can demonstrate a high cost of water or other financial hardship, DNRC may recommend a below-market rate loan. The identified cost and financial hardship will be compared to other projects that have been funded by the RRGL program as well as those partially funded by other agencies. The amount of the subsidy depends on the specific RRGL need demonstrated by the borrower.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online at and by mail to DNRC.  Please see the application for submittal instructions and the RRGL Program web pagefor information about the program, available grants, applications, and other resources.

 Need more information?

View this application process summary for more information or contact the RRGL staff with questions.


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