NonPoint Source Pollution 2019 Interim Call for Applications

Funder Name or Agency: MT DEQ
Location: Helena, MT, USA
Funding Sources: State Agency
Elligible Entities: Tribal Governments, State Agency, Local Government and Utility Districts, Non-Profit Organization
Funding Amount: $500000
Deadline: March 15, 2019
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The Montana Department of Environmental Quality is pleased to announce the availability of approximately $500,000 in funding to address or nonpoint source pollution, under the 2019 Interim Call for Applications. The application process is now open, and applications are due by 2 p.m., Friday, March 15, 2019.

The recommended range for contracts is $10,000 to $300,000 per project, with a 40 percent cost share required. Applicants must either be a nonprofit organization or a government entity.

Approximately $300,000 of the available funding will be focused on projects in the Bitterroot watershed. This targeted approach maximizes the cumulative impacts of pollution prevention and watershed restoration projects to achieve measurable results. Focused funding will be rotated to a different watershed every two or three years.

The remaining $200,000, as well as any unspent amount from the Bitterroot, will be available for eligible projects throughout the rest of Montana.

The application form and instructions are available at  All projects must address nonpoint source pollution and implement a DEQ-accepted Watershed Restoration Plan. DEQ staff will be available, upon request, to provide feedback on project applications.

For more information on this funding opportunity, contact Dean Yashan at 406-444-5317 or by email at or visit