Gallatin Valley Conservation Projects

Funder Name or Agency: NRCS
Location: Bozeman, MT, USA
Funding Sources: Federal Agency
Deadline: September 20, 2019

Agricultural landowners in the Gallatin Valley have until September 20, 2019, to apply for financial assistance for conservation practices funded through the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Regional Conservation Partnership Program.

In January 2015, a proposal submitted by the Gallatin Valley Land Trust was accepted by NRCS to be part of a program that provides funding for partnership projects between public and private entities, local communities and nongovernmental organizations.

The Gallatin Valley project created a special funding pool that NRCS uses to fund projects in the valley that promote water quality, water quantity and soil health. Some of the projects NRCS has assisted with to date include: irrigation reorganization and improvements, stockwater developments, riparian fencing and tree/shrub establishment, forest stand improvement (forest health), cover crops, and pasture and range plantings. Funding has also been used to obtain conservation easements to protect prime soils and promote agricultural viability by restricting residential development and preventing the conversion to non-agricultural uses.

To apply for financial assistance, visit the NRCS field office located at 3710 Fallon Street, Suite B, Bozeman. For additional information, contact Justin Meissner, NRCS district conservationist, at 406-522-4018 or 406-404-0166 or Chris Mahony, district conservationist, at 406-522-4012.