Aquatic Invasive Species Grants

Funder Name or Agency: MT DNRC
Funding Sources: State Agency
Elligible Entities: Tribal Governments, State Agency, Local Government and Utility Districts
Deadline: December 3, 2018
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The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) Reclamation and Development Grants (RDG) Program offers state-funded grants for the prevention and control of aquatic invasive species (AIS). The goal of the grants is to protect the natural resources of Montana from severe and unacceptable damage from aquatic invasive species.

Eligible Activities:  Activities include but are not limited to aquatic invasive species: (1) outreach and education; (2) prevention; (3) surveying and monitoring; (4) control; (5) treatment demonstration, research or design; or (6) other related actions.