2018 Fall Watershed Management Grant Program

Funder Name or Agency: MT DNRC
Funding Sources: State Agency
Elligible Entities: Federal Agency, Tribal Governments, State Agency, Local Government and Utility Districts, Non-Profit Organization
Funding Amount: $20000
Deadline: November 15, 2018
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What is the program purpose?

Our goal is to provide financial support for the development and implementation of locally led watershed related planning and capacity building activities that conserve, develop, improve or preserve state water resources. Entities are allowed to receive up to $20,000 per biennium.

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants include:

Local government, state government, and tribal government entities.

Non-profit entities may apply with local government sponsorship.


Non-government entity may apply with match requirement.


What are the match requirements?

For local government, state government, tribal government and sponsored non-profit entities; DNRC will provide 100% reimbursement for eligible activities.

For the Non-government entity: A cost share of 50% of total cost is required.  Match shares may be in-kind services or cash.

What activities are eligible?

  • Planning Activities

o             Watershed Management planning activities that advances towards future grants or projects;

o             Development of natural resource management plans;

o             Staff time related to activity planning and management;

o             Data collection, public meetings and other tasks related to planning.

  • Capacity Building

o             Improving organizational effectiveness;

o             Grant writing;

o             Hosting a Big Sky Watershed Corps member;

o             Professional conference(s) and training events directly related to proposed watershed management activities;

o             Materials necessary for proposed activity;

o             Purchasing equipment. *

*50/50 Match required for equipment cost.

  • Grant administration and reporting

Still have questions? First application? Need more information, visit our site athttp://dnrc.mt.gov/watershed-management-grants. Or contact Watershed Management Grant program manager Brad Catron at (406)444-6839 or emailbrad.catron@mt.gov.  If you know interested parties, please spread the word. Looking forward to another round of outstanding grant applications.