Our Vision

MWCC has been cultivating broad-based support for community driven approaches to managing complex land and water issues for over twenty years as the statewide organization representing each of more than 60 watershed groups.

Mission: Uniting and supporting Montana’s watershed communities to promote healthy and productive landscapes

Vision: All Watershed communities across Montana are successfully advancing natural resource stewardship

Our Story

Montana is a state of go-getters. We want to see on-the-ground positive change. Pioneers who moved here, whether last year, last century, or millennia ago, did not get here because they spent years upon years planning their trips; they decided to go, thoughtfully gathered necessary supplies, and started their journeys. This can-do, results-oriented spirit still exists today in Big Sky Country. However, building important intangibles, such as capacity and organizational stability often require a lot of research, learning and time, drawing resources away from what watershed groups are meant to do – restore and protect watersheds. The Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC) exists to assist Montana’s watershed community with organizational and technical capacity so that they can do what they do best: Conserve natural resources.

Our Progress

MWCC assisted in placing 20 Big Sky Watershed Corps members with watershed groups throughout Montana. Big Sky Watershed Corps members directly enhance the capacity of local watershed groups by providing over 1,300 hours of direct service to their host watershed group. The program amounts to over 25,000 hours of services statewide per year. Big Sky Watershed Corps members coordinate volunteer monitoring teams, create watershed restoration and sampling and analysis plans, implement restoration projects, and develop drought management strategies.

Our Team

Between the Board of Directors, MWCC Staff, Big Sky Watershed Corps, MWCC Water Committee, and Education and Outreach Committee, the Montana Watershed Coordination Council has a lot of excellent and talented people working for it. Please click below to learn more!