Montana is a state of go-getters. We want to see on-the-ground positive change. Pioneers who moved here, whether last year, last century, or millennia ago, did not get here because they spent years upon years planning their trips; they decided to go, thoughtfully gathered necessary supplies, and started their journeys. This can-do, results-oriented spirit still exists today in Big Sky Country. However, building important intangibles, such as capacity and organizational stability often require a lot of research, learning and time, drawing resources away from what watershed groups are meant to do – restore and protect watersheds. The Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC) exists to assist Montana’s watershed community with organizational and technical capacity so that they can do what they do best: Conserve natural resources.

Montana’s natural resources are precious, as they not only support Montanans, but also much of the the region, nation and international community. These vital resources are increasingly vulnerable due to droughts, severe climate fluctuations, pollution, and increased demands. In 1992, a group of Montanans recognized the need for better coordination on watershed issues, and out of this need, MWCC was formed with the mission to unite and support Montana’s watershed communities to promote healthy and productive landscapes. Since 1992, MWCC has met this mission through collaboration and capacity building throughout Montana, empowering thousands of resource caretakers to ensure clean, plentiful water and healthy landscapes for all Montanans.

In the last ten years, MWCC has worked with its partners to:

  • Host biennial statewide watershed symposiums
  • Implement watershed trainings
  • Hold Watershed Wednesdays at the Capitol and the biennial Wetland and Watershed Awards
  • Access and provide capacity funding to watershed groups
  • Serve as founding partner of the Big Sky Watershed Corps program, comprised of AmeriCorps members serving Montana’s watershed organizations, for a total impact of over 25,000 hours of service to Montana’s watersheds per year.

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In 2013, MWCC successfully obtained its 501c3 status and finalized its  Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.