Environmental Education Coordinator, Indiana Soil and Water Conservation District

Job Type(s): Education, Programs / Services
Deadline: September 15, 2017 12:00 am
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Essential Functions:

Develops and coordinates youth environmental education programs for county schools.  Develops and coordinates field trips for schools and other youth organizations to outdoor labs or ecological area and makes related presentations.  Develops review forms for costs, equitable distribution of programs, and use of staff resources.  Coordinates environmental related contests, including but not limited to poster, speaking, and soil contests.  Promotes and coordinates youth attendance at environmental camps or congresses.

Designs, staffs, prepares and sets up environmental education displays and programs for special projects and events, including Ag Days, 4-H Fair, Science Alive, and annual meeting.

Represents Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) by participating in various groups and organizations, promoting the SWCD programs.  Makes recommendations to the SWCD concerning participation in various environmental special projects and groups.

Conducts workshops to instruct teachers on the use of various environmental guides.  Presents environmental education information for teachers at local, regional, and state levels.  Promotes environmental education to teachers and leaders of youth organizations.

Plans, constructs, and maintains school outdoor labs and grounds for environmental education, including assisting schools in providing curriculum for outdoor education.

Speaks to civic groups and other organizations on environmental topics, including preparing and presenting audio-visual presentations.

Plans and coordinates Natural Resources Field Day as directed by the SWCD. Plans and prepares public relations campaigns for general environmental education as directed.

Attend monthly SWCD Board meetings and staff meetings and district meetings as required.

Prepares environmental education newsletters for public and private schools and teachers.

Serves on various committees as assigned. Prepares environmental education budget and annual plan of work with education committee.

Prepares grants applications to obtain funding for SWCD projects.

Makes nomination for conservation teacher of the year and enters SWCD in various award programs.

Maintains resources center for environmental education, including maintaining files on environmental topics, obtaining audio-visual productions, supplying information to the public, maintaining information related to presentations, and maintaining files of contacts related to environmental education.  Acquires new resources including but not limited to books, posters, and digital media.

Periodically assists other Department personnel and/or performs their duties in their absence.

Attends professional training and seminars.