Energy Conservation & Sustainability Coordinator, Missoula County

Job Type(s): Administrative, Programs / Services
Deadline: September 18, 2017 12:00 am
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Coordinates County sustainability initiatives by facilitating development of the strategic vision and providing project leadership. Assists departments with incorporating environmental sustainability into their operations and practices. Serves as a resource for County departments. Develops specialized skills in selected areas of sustainability, energy conservation, and waste reduction, and provides information and advice to county officials, staff, community organizations, advisory boards, and the general public. Conducts research and recommends policies in the area of environmental and operational sustainability. Implements policies for energy conservation, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, waste reduction to address the impacts of climate change on environmental and community health. Evaluates policies for cost-effectiveness and energy savings. Develops and updates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories for county operations. Develops, implements and monitors county climate action plan and community climate adaptation initiatives and reports on progress. Identifies target areas for emissions reductions and energy audits; establishes opportunities for renewable energy implementation. Conducts community outreach and education events, including public meetings concerning issues of the environment, energy, sustainability, and climate action planning. Promotes resilient and environmentally sustainable communities. Assesses and advocates for appropriate methods for adaptation to climate change, collaborating with other departments on their climate action efforts. Represents the county as an expert in the area of sustainability for communities and local government, including attending meetings, participation in community task forces and making oral and written presentations.