Clark Fork and Kootenai River Basins Council

The Purpose of the Clark Fork and Kootenai River Basins Council is to develop vision, coordinate common strategy, and support the network of water user interests at the basin scale. The Clark Fork and Kootenai River Basins Council will identify and address common basin-wide concerns, challenges, and solutions that are best addressed at the basin-level. The Council will focus on activities that provide added value to community based activities.

Executive Committee Members: David Brooks, Meg Casey, Maureen Connor, Thomas Cox, Michael Howell, Bonnie Holzworth, Verdell Jackson, Susan Lake, James Rokosch, Travis Ross, Jennifer Schoonen, and David Shively

Upcoming Executive Committee meeting to be held December 1, 2017 from 10:00am-3:00pm in the Alumni Boardroom at the University of Montana.

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History of the Clark Fork Task Force

Forming the Clark Fork Basin Council

April 19th-20th Annual Meeting

June 15th Executive Committee Meeting

September 22nd Executive Committee Meeting

Clark Fork and Kootenai River Basins Water Plan 2014



MWCC wants to thank Bonneville Environmental Foundation for supporting our community-based collaborative effort!