Clark Fork Basin Council

The Clark Fork Task Force was created in 2001 by the Montana legislature  to create a water management plan for the entire Clark Fork Basin.  A history of the Task Force and its charge appears here.

The Task Force created a plan for the basin in 2004 and updated that plan in 2014 while assisting Montana DNRC with development of a statewide plan. After the statewide plan was adopted, members of the Clark Fork Task Force,  along with many additional stakeholders have come together in 2016 to re vision the Task Force as a Basin Council with expanded role and membership. A major focus of this basin council would be promoting and monitoring the implementation of the basin plan.

Forming the Clark Fork Basin Council (Timeline and Documents):

Spring 2016-Stakeholders completed a survey regarding the value of a basin wide regional coordinating entity.

Survey Results: Brief Summary of All Responses (Multiple Pages)

Open ended responses to questions about Basin Group Strengths (Question 6), Weaknesses (Question 7), possible accomplishments (Question 8), challenges (Question 10), opportunities (Question 11), comments (Question 12).

April 15, 2016– Stakeholders met to discuss the intent to form a basin wide coordinating entity. April Meeting Notes

At this meeting, stakeholders also appointed a planning team including:

  • Vicki Watson, University of Montana
  • Michael Sweet, UM Climate Office
  • Verdell Jackson, Landowner
  • Jennifer Schoonen, Blackfoot Challenge
  • Ada Montague, DNRC

The planning team was charged with drafting a charter for review by stakeholders in October 2016.

October 5, 2016. Stakeholders met to discuss the proposed charter, proposed title “Clark Fork Basin Council,” and legislative initiatives affecting creation of basin councils being considered by  the MT Water Policy Interim Committee. Click to View the Meeting Agenda

The planning team was charged with organizing the next meeting (which would hopefully create the Basin Council and serve as the FIRST annual meeting of this council). In addition, the planning team was charged with serving as a nominating committee to nominate stakeholders to serve on an Executive Committee to be voted on at the first annual meeting.

April 19-20th, 2017, Clark Fork Basin Council Materials:

Annual Meeting Summary

Annual Meeting Attendance

Executive Summary Clark Fork & Kootenai Basin Report

Key Findings Clark Fork & Kootenai Basin Report

CFBC Proposed Charter

The next meeting is the Executive Committee meeting to be held June 15th at the University of Montana from 10am-3pm

MWCC wants to thank Bonneville Environmental Foundation for supporting our community-based collaborative effort!