Agency Partnership

MWCC was created with the goal on enhancing interagency coordination as well as connecting public resource providers with watershed groups working on the ground. An agency MWCC Partnership includes individual partnership benefits for agency staff. Each partnership will be unique, grounded in shared objectives and specific coordinated activities. In addition to specialized Memorandum of Understanding outlining our partnership deliverables, MWCC will provide:

  • Discounts
    25% – 60% off outdoor equipment and apparel through, Discounted MWCC event sponsorship opportunities.
  • Stay Connected
    Share your activities, reports, services, and vision with the Montana Watershed audience, advertise jobs and events for your organization in the Watershed Newsletter, on our website, and access our directories and expert capacity.
  • Watershed Family
    Access to MWCC Partnership Program Services and our community of watershed professionals. Receive regular updates on MWCC activities and developments within the MWCC watershed directory.

Please contact Erin Farris-Olsen for more information about becoming a member.

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